3 thoughts on “MT-Desk is at Western & Southern Open – Mason, Ohio !!

  1. hi Mert

    I had a trouble free drive. I expect to be wandering around the smaller courts court 3 in particular pm. I left my Australian flag at home.

  2. Good day today.
    Mert, tell me more about M. Ilan.
    I just sat through the first set against Kokkinakis. Seemed to me that Ilhan started to work into K’s game towards the end of the first set. Experience helps! He won the second but lost the third . Was it tiredness? It is hard work playing a 19 -year old.

    I saw Kyrgios on the practice court. Huge crowd. If he wants to be the center of attention, he’s got it.

    I was passing by the gate when Federer arrived and was amazed at the size of his security detail. Nobody could get near him. But he waved to one and all most agreeably.

    1. Hi John,

      I must have missed you at the Ilhan vs Kokkinakis match. We’ll catch up and chat tomorrow. Very streaky match. Kokkinakis wins 5 out of the first 6 games, than Ilhan wins the next 12 out of 15 games, then back to Kokkinakis for the next 6 out of 7… Marsel told me later that he began “thinking” too much at the 3-0 change over in the final set instead of just continuing to click.. He went down 0-40 quick on three unforced errors on his serve at 3-1, then came back to deuce, committed one more unforced error, Kokk broke and never looked back as errors crept in more and more for Ilhan. Missed opportunity for him, and he knows it too. Part of tennis though, adjust and keep working..

      Federer’s practice was packed too. Yes, he does have large security at most places, I don’t blame him, or any other celebrity for doing that. He usually takes his time signing autographs though, and is friendly with the fans, as most top ATP players are..

      Catch you tomorrow. I will start with Zverev vs. Coric but will also come to Kyrgios vs Gasquet.. Too many good matches at 11 AM.. Ugh..

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