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Welcome to the New Home of Mertov’s Tennis Desk !

Dear friends,

Mertov’s T-Desk finally has its new home. Please replace your old bookmarks with this one. With the help of my “tech-able” friend JT, we tried to keep the site as simple as possible, without too many widgets or menus. After all, the discussion points are what matters the most. Yet, feel free to let us know if you think there is something that we could improve.

I hope you will continue to enjoy the future articles. As usual, feel free to join the discussion on the comments section at the bottom of each article. There is also a “share” button for those who enjoy sharing them on social media.

Only a few selected articles from 2013 were added to this new site. All other articles dating back to 2002 are still stored in my hard drive. If any of the faithful readers over the years would like to get a copy of a certain article you liked in the past, feel free to email me and ask: tennisdesk (at) operamail (dot) com.

If you wish to be added to the “new article update” list, send me an email. I promise to not share your email with anyone and only use it to let you know that a new article has been posted.

Take care everyone.
Mertov’s T-Desk
Email: tennisdesk (at) operamail (dot) com