Roland Garros in Pictures

As the saying goes, a picture says thousand words, so this entry is filled with pictures and short comments from the first few days of competition at Roland Garros. Here we go…

SAM_1988Maintenance crew and ball boys & girls always working hard. You can see them even warming up next to their court prior to the match.

SAM_1992Some fans really get into supporting their compatriots.

SAM_2003Rain always a factor at Roland Garros.

SAM_2047Stringers also hard at work. There are always 15 to 20 of them stringing away. Rackets come and go all the time. Many have bands around their hands or fingers to avoid blisters. Some players require that the same person always string their rackets.

SAM_2061Milos Raonic and his coach Ivan Ljubicic getting ready for a practice session.

SAM_2065Roger Rasheed watching his pupil Grigor Dimitrov practice serves.

SAM_2077Roland Garros’ biggest problem with no real solution in sight: overcrowded grounds. I have beaten this topic to death so I will spare the readers my rant this time.

SAM_2056But then, there is also this as entertainment…

SAM_2088… and this!

SAM_2066Some of the computers available for the media.

SAM_2104Some of the official transportation cars for tournament players and other ‘important’ people. They are equipped with Wifi! The word is players are highly pleased about that.

SAM_2083Coach and legendary ex-pro Goran Ivanisevic looking extremely relaxed while watching his player Marin Cilic practice.

SAM_2097For those who enjoy one handed backhands.. Filippo Volandri has a beautiful one-hander, but that is all he has!

SAM_2105Just in case, you are planning your next trip to a Slam tournament!

That’s all for now!

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